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iPhone Rumors – with Kevin Rose

Just watched the latest episode of Diggnation with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. This episode is recorded in Kevins new apartment, for those how don’t know about Diggnation it’s a podcast made by Witch is a product of Kevin Rose, he is also the co-founder of If you don’t wanna look at the show online, just subscribe to it in iTunes.

Somewhere in the end of the episode Kevin started talking about a new version of the iPhone, and he is the one that first reported about the iPhone in the first place so he usually has good and correct information. According to his sources there will be a 3g iPhone out later this year, witch seems highly correct. But i really don’t feel the same joy as he dose about the 2 camera setup, one on the front and one on the back, so you can do video calls. I mean come on we have had video calls now for ever, and no one uses it. The quality is so-so and its easier to just pick up the phone and talk, it’s not always that you wanna see the person you talk to. So really the video-call part is not a sensation apple.

So conclusion, 3G for the iPhone; SUPER!!, Video Call for the iPhone; So-So… What do you think!? do you want video call?