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Award winning tattoo on Julie Becker.

A couple of months ago we wrote about Julie Beckers Award winning Tattoo’s. And just got hold of some more photos of the body suite. Here at WASF we but weight at watching good quality images, so we are trying out a new feature, sort of a lightbox feature, click you favourite photo or image and it will pop-up. This is not a new thingy, but we haven’t found a good way of doing this erlier, but know we think we got it right!

Please let us know if you like this new feature! Write in the comments.




images from ink mag


Eye Tattoo

This unbelievable guy, Pauly Unstoppable has now done a bold try – he tattooed his eyeball blue. Not just the iris, the entire eyeball. He says to the sun, “Now this experiment is in motion, please don’t try this wait and see if i turn blind or not”. No one i have ever seen, talked to heard about has ever done anything like this. So all the Superfamous cred to Paul Unstoppable.

Read the full story here [the sun magazine]

More pictures!! Unbelievable


Electronic Tattoo the way of the future

This could be the future… Well i love the way they are presenting this, i mean i get tired of things so quickly. Change my background image like 200 times every month and i mean i think i would be one of those people who got tired of a tattoo. So this would fit me to the max. I want it to be able to switch graphics as well, which i think the day when it gets out it will be able to do.

Also this is not a new thing i just wanted to tell you guys about it. :P
Here is a video on it [YOUTUBE]