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Inspiration from Space, this week we give you the Sun

Magnificent view of the Sun from a Swedish 1 meter telescope

Weekend time and supposedly time for rest, but i think i will need to work the weekend or at least 8 hours. But i wanted you to marvel in time and space so here are some photos on our sun taken from space with a swedish telescope. See all the images big

Sun With Mercury

Sun and a big Sunstorm

Small Sunstorm

Solarstorm photographed from space


SuperFamous on Holiday – Tenerife

Yes it’s true, WASF is now officially on Island de Tenerife. I (Linus) will be there for 8 days, and he will report some of the hottest things to do, and of course continue delivering the hottest news and flings online. So what about Tenerife? It’s part of the Canaries Islands and its an inactive volcano island. There are almost endless things to do here and i will try out surfing and go-cart for sure, and of course better my tan, and go for some pretty unique jogging tours!

This is what some of the black volcano beaches looks like;