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Fabulös & Korthuggen BULB v.46

Fabulös Korthuggen - BULB Theme

This weeks submission to the group Fabulös & Korthuggen, this weeks theme was BULB ( – – ). The shot is taken with 21 second shutter and aperture on f.22 no artificial lighting.
Make sure you check out, Åsa, Mimmi & Tessan submissions.

There was another idea from the beginning, but we had some wine so i couldn’t drive to the place i wanted to take the shots. But i got great results.

Nikon D40
17-55 kit lens.


I’ve made a new brand “LINUS TVT” I’m gonna make art.

"The Nyckelhål"

I’ve decided that i can make art, and that I have an eye for just art. This is one of many of my wacked out art peices. I love to mix styles and colors and none colors. If you would like to see something special let me know and I’ll try to work it out. Keep loving art, and keep visiting the site. kind regards / Linus


Just finished my latest design and code work. Winternet.

Just fnished a big project, i’ve re-designed (the business that i work for). I’ve started out with a blank paper, and a pencil. This is the finished product, no CMS this is just freehand HTML & CSS. So lately i’ve been of the blogosphere, but thats due to sercomstances just like this. Work is hectic right now and i will try my best to blog a post or two in the evenings. THANK YOU for hanging in there!





Inspiration @ week 5

By Louise O’Shea

We totally love the work by Louise O’Shea, she is an up and coming photographer based in London.

These are her own words:

“I am a London based Photographer & have always been passionate about Fashion & Photography, fusing the two together to me, brings the best of both worlds together & with this brings ultimate creativity & escapism.

From an early age I loved clothing design & photography. This led me to study art , fashion & photography in North Wales & culminated in my BA Honours Degree in Photography with a minor in fine art film in 1995. After this I moved to London & began assisting for Fashion,Beauty,Celebrity & Advertising photographers.

I have been a Portrait photographer since 2003 & now specialise in fashion & beauty work.

copyright to Louise O’Shea 2009 visit for more superb photos

By Louise O’Shea

By Nissa Quanstrom

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Photos on the streets of New York