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Inspiration Bash Week10

Good Morning People, I don’t know but I’m playing around with how to show off photos, So here is one Grid based idea I had. I think it’s awesome that you can click on an image and you’ll see it big, Do we like?! Tell me! Wanna know!


Retro Rojo Headphones

Personally i use the iPhone head jacks or the WESC headphones, but i think i found a new pair of babies, the Retro Rojo Headphones. One of the big reasons is that it’s supported by the iPhone and has a “answer call” button, and the main reason is that they are so damn good looking. I love the retro style and i like bright colors, like the Ericsson Cobra (Ericofon) telephone from 1954. You can these days buy replicas, however the original is the one and only phone for me. So if i get my hands on the Rojo Headphones I’ll give you a review on them.

Driver Diameter: 40mm

Impedance: 40

Frequency Response: 5-20KHz

Sensitivity (S.P.L.): 108~3dB(at 1KHz)

Input Plug Diameter: 2.5mm; 2.5mm~3.5mm adapter; 3.5mm~6.5mm adapter


Casio A-164w – verdict

To start with i have been looking at an Adidas watch for ages now, a black plastic one with gold details, a sport watch. However just by accident i was walking past the local clock store and i saw the Casio A-164w, a geek or nerd watch. I just got in love with it the same second i tried it on, like one or two years ago i was very anti-watches because i had my cellphone but now Im kinda into watches. The Casio has a thin chain, and is water resistant down to 50 meters. has a clear digital screen, Alarm, stopwatch and 12/24 hour measure. even though the chain is super thin there is some weight to the watch, the retro looking and hart pounding design is something for a geek like my goes well with all the geek chick clothes that is out there. Verdict… i just love it, might not fit my regular style but i just love it. (buy 58$)


Retro Sneakers Voltron/Reebok


80’s retro, old school, manufacture design heaven, I wish I was one of the creators of an 80’s legend. This is one of my personal favorites, the complete wonderful alliance that is now brought up via Reebok and there Voltron Sneakers is totally awesome.

Quote from the shoe box; From days long ago, from unchrted regions of the universe comes a legend. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the universe! Voltron loved by mankind was needed once more. This is the story about the specially trained force with one mission to bring back Voltron; Defender of the universe!

I just need to reflect on this product, I feel like a total geek, but this is a true 80’s legend and the euphoric feeling just sweeps trough my entire body.

Watch the clip here:
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