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Outfit for the 80’s – We want Spring now!

Whether you’re in school or not, it’s about time to fly south for some rays before your Seasonal Affective Disorder makes you do something drastic that’ll get you profiled on the 10 o’clock news. Partake in the festivities in this 80’s-celebrating outfit.

Sunglasses ($119) by Ray-Ban. Cardigan ($121) by Shades of Greige. Pullover ($88), T-Shirt ($28), andShorts ($72) by Warriors of Radness. Watch ($45) by Timex. Shoes ($42) by Vans.


Comfortable Monday

What would be better than a nice morning walk with your morning coffee or tea. In a smooth and clean look like this. Well the fact that you have some where to strove. This is todays outfit for a relaxed and comfortable feel. To hunt your favorite style or find a clean look just brows over to We will be spotting some more for you, so stay tuned.