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Open letter to Steve Jobs, Thoughts on iPhone 4

So, Steve released thoughts on Flash… So i thought why don’t I release thoughts on iPhone 4. Well it’s very hard for me to be constructive in my critics when it comes to Apple. Because they are the number one company in the world when it comes to design consumer products. The level of detail and quality in finish isn’t found anywhere else, maybe if you compare to a Leica camera or and old Braun product from the 60’s. The build quality is always down to the micrometer. Almost at atom level. So what will be different with the iPhone 4? Well not much when it comes to the iOS4, we have had video calls in sweden since the beginning of the 00’s. And Face Time seems cool but not like revolution, and it builds on that everyone has an iPhone 4, very good unique selling point, but thats it really. And we have some gorgeous new features like multitasking, folders, unified inboxes. We also sure knows that Apple and Adobe are friends, and the only reason Flash is not supported is, “It’s simply not running fast enough” – Steve Jobs D8. I love that quote, and I so agree with Steve, HTML5 and CSS3 is the open standard we all should live and develop in, I still know people building sites with tables… So simply go learn HTML5 and CSS3, it’s worth the effort. Because it’s the future.

So what about the hardware? Well here it’s starts to get interesting, first of we got this new beautiful housing, with stainless steel and glass enclosure on both the front and the back. We have this stainless steel frame to also with the help of great engineering works as both an antenna for the GPS, WiFi and bluetooth and the other part works as GSM and HSDPA antenna. Thats just shows how far Apple has come in terms of designing and building great products. So now you think… Whats the downside of this? Well first of, how many do you know that hasn’t broken their screen on their iPhone? Mine never got destroyed, touch wood… But i know plenty of people that has dropped their phone from various heights, with vary outcomes. So if this thing is on both the front and the back, will i have shattered glass allover the apartment if i drop it? And will it be all greasy? Or is it scratch/grease resistant? Just thoughts on that, I just love the design more than ever, but my thoughts this time are trying to be objective.

More on hardware, lets look inside, well they gone with a right decision when they boosted the battery, and when they made the iPhone 24% thinner. They also made an amazing thing when they decided to put in the A4 chip in that little magical device. If we look a bit deeper, we see that they change to 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only). This is way better, the still got the Assisted GPS, and Digital Compass. Now they also introduce a gyroscope, this simply means gaming is going to be awesome. Do dig a bit deeper on the Gyro, they combine all the sensors on the device and generate a 6-axis motion tracking device. Position, Gravity & Velocity. Still got that gnarly Bluetooth EDR system, you can now pair your bluetooth keyboard.

What do we got left Steve… Thoughts on the iPhone… Ohhh snap, the Retina Display, wow, really, Retina? I mean in the print industry 300 dpi is somewhat standard for magazines. For you people that don’t understand thats the amount of dots being printed per square inch. PPI is the same but comes in handy when you talk about screens. To compare 326 PPI, the exact number of the Retina Display, to print should be just the same, so it should be like looking at a really nice magazine. And a regular computer screen, like the one you get in a Dell or HP first it was 76 PPI then someone decided to change that to 96, and now we have screens like the one on the iMac with 126 ppi… Pretty higres if you ask me but 326?! Thats really insane, and i can’t wait to see that pixel density on larger screens, when that time comes we will talk SPR 8 HD MEGA CHANNEL QUALITY. The branding wont even fit on TV stickers any more, we’ll need to make the screens bigger to fit the stickers.

Well thats the thing I’m most exited about, the Retina Display, however i think the name is bodacious, like what?! A Retina Display? Do you scan your eyes with it? But thats the only downside.

So thats it, my thoughts on iPhone 4. Whats yours? Please comment or share this post. It’s beautiful journalism.
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Booooom Chica Bow Wow, Green & Sweet Jony Ive and A new Stunning Aluminum MacBook Line Up

So where do i start, alot of online magazines, blogs and Mac fan boys are writing their hands off about the new MacBook and the new MacBook Pro. I saw another angle on this, i was looking at the Gizmodo live update stream, jumped over to and watched the new MacBook movie. And there he was, Jonathan Ive on of the worlds most talented industrial designer of our time. So i thought why don’t i write about this from another perspective. We are not used to see Jony Ive in the spot light, and here we see him in a way that i think we will see him more of in the future. People are throwing guesses about who most certainly will take over when Steve Jobs steps down, I think that someone is Jony Ive. I know there are a lot of you that wouldn’t agree but something deep inside me say that Jonathan is our man.

The British designer and the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple. He re-designed the way we use a cell phone, yeah thats right, the iPhone he also designed the iMac, aluminum PowerBook G4 (and MacBook Pro) todays MacBook and New MacBook Pro and the little giddy MacBook Air, iPod and iPhone. So thats why i think he will take over from good old Steve, he got the same principles when it comes to form, design & leadership. I see Jony as a really talented designer with some serious management skills. If you are into get a updated interview with Ive thats hard to get, when he often choices not to be part of the Media tense. But now it seems like someone (maybe Steve) participate in that sweet little movie. I personally hope that we will see more of Jonathan in the future of apple, and i crave more of that nifty timeless sweet design of his.

Here are some images on the new MacBook. Here we can see the new Battery Indicator, placed on the front, witch makes me wonder how the bottom of this pice of candy looks like.

Here in that Bokehy part of the photo you see a hint of that GLASS & black part of the LED display.

And yes we will have the black backlit keyboard that we have seen on the MacBook Air. And yes even the consumer line will have the backlit version, if we still can call it a consumer line product.

This is what the little beauty looks like from above, it still have almost the same dimensions, a bit thinner but the aluminum casing (witch is made from a single block of aluminum) is just stunning, personally i’ve been waiting on a full aluminum product line from Apple for a while and i must say, it’s epic and timeless.

Lets round this up with a frontal view of the new and sweet MacBook, if you want a full technical spec list head over to the site and you will have all the tech info you need. So what can we make of this, I’m stoked over the new Line Up and in the future i want more Jonathan Ive, do you agree or I’m I completely of track?


The Hype is Hugh – iPhone 3G

So many of you might not be interested in the iPhone at all, we did make a lot of new yesterday from the WWDC 2008 in San Francisco, those of you that don’t know what it is it’s a developers convention for the development of Apple Inc. Mostly about the tech future in the company, OSX and of course the iPhone.
Well a couple of months ago there turned up some pictures online, one of them was this one, showing up the backside of the new iPhone 3G however people turned it down as a thing you could buy in China.
So the Rumors went on and just a couple of days after the first image (the one above) we got another one all over the internet; This time the backside of the iPhone was facing up and you could see it laying on a Macbook Pro, but once again people turned it down as a FAKE photo. Well now that we have the key in our hand we know they where true photos and not fake ones and we also learned how hard it is to get your sources right.
So what can we say about the new iPhone? We can start of buy Whining over the stuff it did not get, (however i don’t care about this at all) The iPhone did not get;

  • Better Camera
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Front faced camera for video calls
  • Cut & Copy Paste
  • Bigger storage
  • Picture messaging
  • Video Recording

  • So this pictures show of the new iPhone and the similarity to the Photos that have been out and around the web are well identical. So now you know the downsides, the only thing i think we can’t fix because its a hardware issue is the Storage space. The other things on their hand is software stuff, so i think that we will see this things in form form 3rd parties.
    The things that are new with the iPhone 3G;

  • 3G
  • GPS
  • Slimmer design
  • Microsoft Exchange support
  • Push; email, contact, calendar via: MobileMe
  • Possibility to ad-hoc, close system
  • 3rd part development applications
  • App Store
  • Affordable prices, from $199 (or €130)
  • The new iPhone 2.0 OSX with tons of new features
  • So form my standpoint this is THE phone on the market, the things i mentioned before about the Copy & Past, no MMS, those are software issues, witch any good programmer out there can fix, and well lets face it how much storage does your mobile phone have?! mine has 2GB… So 16GB do it for me. The price is just unbelievable from a high $399 to just 199$ i wanna see what Nokia will do with their N96 now, its bigger, clumsier, more expensive, not the same storage space, no touch screen, no OSX.
    The other strong things with the new iPhone 3G is the possibiltie you have to play games, like the Super Monkey Ball; You can also watch this video from YouTube where Sega demonstrated the game in realtime.

    So the verdict with the new Apple iPhone 3G… Yes i crave it and yes I’m gonna get it, and yes its the best phone ever made by man.
    To close this chapter we want to end with a small Poll, so please answer the following question;


    MacFusion – Rumor

    So here we are at THE DAY when apple are having their biggest press release in a long time, right now the stock has fallen $ 1,79… however the day is far from over, in a little over just 2 hours the big event will take place, the WWDC 2008.
    This is the rumor though that there will be a MacFusion, a smaller version of the MacMini, directed towards the developer section, with abilities such as running Vista, or Linux via boot-camp.
    What do you think? Is this the next generation MacMini/AppleTV take 3


    I want a new iPhone

    There are things that people with gadgety needs want, and one of those things are the latest tech stuff, that is if you are into gadgets. Well, I’m into gadgets, frankly i love gadgets and i love technology i don’t love the fact that it goes forward in the speed of light, it could go faster.
    Back to the iPhone, the rumors are out there and it goes from, slimmer design, GPS, 3g with extreme speeds, white or black color, 32gb SSD and the list goes on. As early as today i’ve read rumors that other “companies” are shaking there kneecaps like crazy over the fact that the iPhone could have GPS and one device then would have the advantage over a tridzillion other gadgets and GPS units that only does GPS will die out.

    So are there any other good reason why you should get an iPhone?! Just start with the basic, it’s a phone and a decent camera, thats the main reason you get it because you want a phone. Then you have; Mail, Calendar, Weather feedback, Stock, Notes, Photos… But it does not stop there, it’s also an iPod, Yes an iPod, with functions as, Movies, Podcasts and ofcourse Music. Then we can start going on the subject App store witch will defiantly make you get the best out of your iPhone.