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The Hype is Hugh – iPhone 3G

So many of you might not be interested in the iPhone at all, we did make a lot of new yesterday from the WWDC 2008 in San Francisco, those of you that don’t know what it is it’s a developers convention for the development of Apple Inc. Mostly about the tech future in the company, OSX and of course the iPhone.
Well a couple of months ago there turned up some pictures online, one of them was this one, showing up the backside of the new iPhone 3G however people turned it down as a thing you could buy in China.
So the Rumors went on and just a couple of days after the first image (the one above) we got another one all over the internet; This time the backside of the iPhone was facing up and you could see it laying on a Macbook Pro, but once again people turned it down as a FAKE photo. Well now that we have the key in our hand we know they where true photos and not fake ones and we also learned how hard it is to get your sources right.
So what can we say about the new iPhone? We can start of buy Whining over the stuff it did not get, (however i don’t care about this at all) The iPhone did not get;

  • Better Camera
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Front faced camera for video calls
  • Cut & Copy Paste
  • Bigger storage
  • Picture messaging
  • Video Recording

  • So this pictures show of the new iPhone and the similarity to the Photos that have been out and around the web are well identical. So now you know the downsides, the only thing i think we can’t fix because its a hardware issue is the Storage space. The other things on their hand is software stuff, so i think that we will see this things in form form 3rd parties.
    The things that are new with the iPhone 3G;

  • 3G
  • GPS
  • Slimmer design
  • Microsoft Exchange support
  • Push; email, contact, calendar via: MobileMe
  • Possibility to ad-hoc, close system
  • 3rd part development applications
  • App Store
  • Affordable prices, from $199 (or €130)
  • The new iPhone 2.0 OSX with tons of new features
  • So form my standpoint this is THE phone on the market, the things i mentioned before about the Copy & Past, no MMS, those are software issues, witch any good programmer out there can fix, and well lets face it how much storage does your mobile phone have?! mine has 2GB… So 16GB do it for me. The price is just unbelievable from a high $399 to just 199$ i wanna see what Nokia will do with their N96 now, its bigger, clumsier, more expensive, not the same storage space, no touch screen, no OSX.
    The other strong things with the new iPhone 3G is the possibiltie you have to play games, like the Super Monkey Ball; You can also watch this video from YouTube where Sega demonstrated the game in realtime.

    So the verdict with the new Apple iPhone 3G… Yes i crave it and yes I’m gonna get it, and yes its the best phone ever made by man.
    To close this chapter we want to end with a small Poll, so please answer the following question;


    Today is the day, Apple WWDC, Iphone

    Well back from a minor holiday, as you might have explored, from the fact that i haven’t updated in a while. So here we are the historical 9th of June 08. What will we see today, a new iPhone? updated Macbook’s? well lets just say for a fact that steve will say Booom! one more time and we might be seeing the next version of the iPhone and it might be so good that nothing will stand in its way for the upcoming year or two.
    We have been showing you photos, and leaks, we have been giving you loads of info on the iPhone, but we are not in SF and we can not liveblog from there so what we will do is give you a set of links the people that do liveblog and probably do it a hell lot better then we do.
    Gizmodo Live Coverage WWDC 08
    TUAW Live from WWDC
    TechCrunch via Twitter
    We will cover the news, but not as fast as these guys so we will be happy to give you the latest news and they will be happier to bring it to you almost instantly.


    I want a new iPhone

    There are things that people with gadgety needs want, and one of those things are the latest tech stuff, that is if you are into gadgets. Well, I’m into gadgets, frankly i love gadgets and i love technology i don’t love the fact that it goes forward in the speed of light, it could go faster.
    Back to the iPhone, the rumors are out there and it goes from, slimmer design, GPS, 3g with extreme speeds, white or black color, 32gb SSD and the list goes on. As early as today i’ve read rumors that other “companies” are shaking there kneecaps like crazy over the fact that the iPhone could have GPS and one device then would have the advantage over a tridzillion other gadgets and GPS units that only does GPS will die out.

    So are there any other good reason why you should get an iPhone?! Just start with the basic, it’s a phone and a decent camera, thats the main reason you get it because you want a phone. Then you have; Mail, Calendar, Weather feedback, Stock, Notes, Photos… But it does not stop there, it’s also an iPod, Yes an iPod, with functions as, Movies, Podcasts and ofcourse Music. Then we can start going on the subject App store witch will defiantly make you get the best out of your iPhone.


    Iphone 2.0 geotagging

    So the word in the street is that the iPhone 2.0 will have a GPS and with the GPS there will be the genius possibility to automatically geotag your photos, so the photo gets a Longitude and Latitude code, or a pin on a map. Well Apple are not certainly first with this others has done it for years, but however its small features like this that makes the whole aspect of getting an iPhone interesting.


    More iPhone 2.0 Rumors

    We have got info about the iPhone, there have been reports on rumors that the phone could come with GPS, Video Conferencing and now also Mobile TV Functionality!?!
    GPS and video conferencing (with front-sided camera) have both been rumored for the next generation iPhone, but the addition of mobile television is new.
    So could we also see possibilities to record from your Mobile TV to your SDD hard drive? With a 32 GB version that would be something. A small version of a TiVo, we have had video calls here for a long time now, and the quality has been so-so so if apple could turns this into a hit, i would for sure get myself an iPhone and start video calling. If they can release the phone in Sweden!!


    iPhone 2.0 – RUMOURS + Photo

    Update: leaked secrete picture of the new iphone 2.0
    I went into my local 02 store today enquiring about the second iPhone (whilst i was browsing i overheard them talking about it already) She said they expect a 3G iPhone by end of june start of july. The second iPhone will have more memory and will start at 16GB instead of the 8GB. She also went onto say that it will have ALOT more features on it but she was not permitted to say. Colourwise she said she was expecting it to be all black or all white and wont be aluminium no more. (Which kinda put me off as i prefer the aluminium) The lady said they are attending a conference in the coming weeks so she’s hoping to find out some more.
    Tell me what you think! what would you love to see on the Second iPhone – Daniel
    “”So now we have the rumor from swisscom and WeAreSuperFamous own Daniel BK from england has gotten his info from o2. It’s not longar a rumor, i think we are dealing with the truth. “” – Linus
    4:40 PM 13 march UPDATE:
    1. 16GB-32GB
    2. white, silver and black available (16GB only in silver)
    3. Lots of new features added (ok that’s nice and vague)
    4. According to the Swiss – 16GB will cost $659 Swiss Francs, while a 32GB model will cost $799 Swiss Francs


    Uk iPhone No More


    Yep, Thats Right! 02 are not selling anymore 8GB or 16GB iPhone’s. The reason why is still unclear but its kind of obvious we might have a second gen iPhone on the way VERY SOON! They are still being sold on the apple website, but if i was you i would stick it out for a couple of months just incase.