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Inception Infographics by Neil Makes Art

Inception Infographic by neilmakesart

I’m a great sucker for well produced movies, especially if they origin from Hollywood and fancy one of those big budgets to, well spent money on special effects and so on. So was the case with the movie Inception. Browsed the web for some inspiration to a mood board and found this poster made by Neil Makes Art. And i thought that I wanted to share it with you guys.


Friday Architecture Photos from Around the World.

Julius Shulman photography of Hollywood Hills in the 1960’s (view large)

Los Angeles, 1960. “Case Study House No. 22. Stahl Residence, 1635 Woods Drive. Architect: Pierre Koenig.” Color transparency by Julius Shulman.

The house from Woody Allen’s Sleeper… Living in a sculpture

Woody Allen’s “Sleeper” (1973) had such elaborate sets and costumes that the film ran behind schedule and came in over budget, even though the final cost was still only $2 million. (more photos)

And today’s modern architecture, a villa in Almere, the Netherlands.

A just like the simplicity of this house, maybe a bit to minimalism for me but i like it.

The basic design is largely defined by the latitude enabled by the Dutch Building Decree. The maximum volume allowed on the particular location is 500 m³, while the residence plus office required 750 m³. Nowadays the Building Decree creates the opportunity to build up to 2.5 metres outside an external wall, without submitting a planning application under the condition that it does not border a public street or public park.


Death Race 2000 – Can’t wait

Death Race 2000 is a remake of the original Death Race 2000 from 1975, yes its a Hollywood re-make. I saw some footage from this film a couple of days ago and went – Hey thats a sweet re-make.
One more reason why i like this movie; Jason Statham, i like kinda every movie he plays in so that gives me hope and also brings out a sort of comfortness in me. The tiniest preview of this movie is available on iTunes or Apple Trailers, its 60 seconds long and give you a raw feeling of how this movie gonna play out! Please note that sensitive people shall not see this movie because its raw, raw and mother fucking RAW!