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Inspiration Bash Week10

Good Morning People, I don’t know but I’m playing around with how to show off photos, So here is one Grid based idea I had. I think it’s awesome that you can click on an image and you’ll see it big, Do we like?! Tell me! Wanna know!

Zero punctuation – GTA IV review

Holy crap this bloke is the best reviewer out there; You have officially been SuperFamous!

Xbox 360 Arcade

Xbox 360 Arcade

Microsoft just recently released the XBOX 360 Arcade, yet another new bundle! Feels like there are more bundles out there then games. Anyway Arcade is the replacement for the Core, and will get a price around $280 in the US and £200 in Europe (release October 26 in Europe).

So what’s in the box, well you get a 256 MB Memory Unit, Wireless Controller, HDMI port and five Xbox Live arcade games, Boom boom rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pac-Man Championship and Uno. A really nice “low cash” package i you ask me.