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I Made Art, use it, break it, funk it & rock it

Happy mothers day!
I made Art, using Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s my first time trying to do something like this (using this technique). The first edition was for my girlfriend Emelies calendar front, this is just for fun.

You can download your own original high-res copy at flickr (use this link), use it, if you do just feel free to mail me photos on where you used it so i can publish them here!

I also want to give you this address, It’s to a friends blog,, her name is Annie and she blogs using the language “Svenska” so if you are swede or just want a bad ass blog to read head over to her site.

Now sleep before my Monday rock-tour at work

Check out my big influense and his amazing artwork at – I can never do the great designs that he does, so this is more of a tribute!