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Worlds Largest Chair

This is not photoshopped, this is the worlds largest chair, it’s an actual photograph of the world’s largest chair, in the piazza of Manzano, Italy, where it was dedicated. (Manzano is a city of chair makers.)

Detta är inte en Photoshoppad bild, utan det är ett fotografi på den största stolen i världen, på rådhustorget i Manzano, Italien. Manzano är känd som stolstaden.

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  • Crookshanks

    The photo is not photoshopped…? Nah… The chair is coloured but the background is black and white, how is this possible?

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  • Guest420

    What are you, color blind? I can easily tell that the buildings in the picture are different colors

  • Crookshanks

    Well with a closer look, I see that they do have some very faint colour. I still find the vividness of the chair odd, though.

  • gedeon

    i live in this town (whose name is Udine) and i confirm to you that this chair do exist. it was built in Manzano (a village near Udine) cause there are a lot of chair factories over there. the chair is now located in that village
    you can find many pics googling “manzano” and “sedia” (means chair), like this one…

  • Ashish Mittal

    wat n art

  • Ashish Mittal

    wat n art