iPhone caught on Fire

23 year old Emil Ahlén woke up to the smell of burnt plastic, and he looked down on the floor where he had put his iPhone before he got to sleep and yes there where flames coming out of the charger socket, and the plastic that surrounds the charger socket was molten, he quickly got hold of an towel and successfully killed the fire. Now however the Swedish company that sells the iPhone TELIA wont help him they have been tossing the iPhone between them and Apple for a couple of days, and Apples spokes man in Sweden is not giving media any information, he tells us to wait for the spokes man in England to give a press release.

Since the release of the Apple iPhone world wide the 11th of july the hype has been huge and they have sold a lot of phones, i just hope for the sake of the rest of us iPhone users that this is an isolated situation. And that Steve Jobs helps Emil Ahlén in this case, show some of the Apple goodwill.

/ Linus Ekenstam – A geeky nerd xoxo

  • Himitsu

    Actually Ive got quite reliable information that he only contacted apple once and that telia took up everything once he went to the press.

    (Im kinda a friend of his friend)

  • http://www.wearesuperfamous.com Linus

    hmm ok, would you mind if we emailed you some questions about this case?! we would love to know if there are anything else to this story..

  • Paul

    The exact same thing happened to me this weekend.

  • http://www.aromanthought.com Tim

    Exactly the same thing happened to my iPhone this morning, after I’d left it charging on the USB port for about 3 hours. My hypothesis is that it is caused by the phone heating up and igniting fluff which was caught up in the recesses of the adaptor and/or the phone.

    In any case there were flames and a couple of pins fused together which means it will no longer connect, even with a replacement lead. The handset needs to be replaced. I can’t believe Apple isn’t aware of this issue. The consequences of going out and leaving your phone on charge could be far, far worse than a melted handset.

  • Me

    A similar thing happened to a friend with a 3G. It didn’t happen randomly though. It happened because his baby put the connector in her mouth before he plugged it in. I suppose the wet contacts flipped out. Not sure if he plugged it in knowing it was wet or how he worked out she did that if he didn’t know it was wet…

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  • tim

    same problem. maybe need new power adapter?