Today is the day, Apple WWDC, Iphone

Well back from a minor holiday, as you might have explored, from the fact that i haven’t updated in a while. So here we are the historical 9th of June 08. What will we see today, a new iPhone? updated Macbook’s? well lets just say for a fact that steve will say Booom! one more time and we might be seeing the next version of the iPhone and it might be so good that nothing will stand in its way for the upcoming year or two.
We have been showing you photos, and leaks, we have been giving you loads of info on the iPhone, but we are not in SF and we can not liveblog from there so what we will do is give you a set of links the people that do liveblog and probably do it a hell lot better then we do.
Gizmodo Live Coverage WWDC 08
TUAW Live from WWDC
TechCrunch via Twitter
We will cover the news, but not as fast as these guys so we will be happy to give you the latest news and they will be happier to bring it to you almost instantly.