Cyberdyne leading edge of Cybernics

We all know about Cyberdyne from terminator, as the evil company that builds the first robot and develops AI. However the leading company in the world in Cybernics is just Cyberdyne. The japanese company have given us HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb), which is an exo robotic skeleton that via bio heathed signals from your skin can sense in what way you are moving and doing and strengthening it by x10 times!! Witch means if you usually lift 100 kilos from the ground, and you put the suite on 90% you can lift 1 ton! imagine what this can do for people in wheelchairs and other handicaps.

  • Linus

    Far from the sweetness in Rio but still i want a HAL suite now! i would crush people with this thing, or just not. However, Hybrid Assitive Limbs is the future