Suzuki S-Ride – MotorCar

This is the new thing, motor producers are aiming on the younger group of people. And this year the amount of people living in Urban areas are now a majority of the people on earth, so this concept is about less fuel consumption and a small carrier that will have no problem fitting in a motorbike parking spot.

The hatch opens like on a super fighter jet. And there are Sound system, Heat, Cruise control, And even a super secret new GPS system that communicates with other cars, so no traffic accidents can accrue.

So conclusion; I really want this car/motorbike and i would tune it and tweak it. However i don’t like the exterior colors, and i really don’t like the interior colors either. If i got one it would most defiantly be black with some elegant dashes of color, not like a lot of gaps, and different textures. I would re do it so it would be looking more exclusive. What do you think?!